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Gregory Williams

Gregory Williams was born on 17 June 1951 in Port of Spain. His mother died when he was five years old and he and his sister came to live at the house of his grandmother, where also several other family members resided.
His grandmother was a very strict disciplinarian and did not allow Gregory to "lime" about with the children in his neighbourhood after school. She gave him the choice to go either to the zoo, the cinema, the Queen’s Park Savannah or the National Museum. At the National Museum Gregory visited the displays of local artists and so was exposed from an early age to art and the works of artist from Trinidad and Tobago.

At the same time two uncles also inadvertently guided Gregory towards the path of Art: one was a technical draughtsman and he brought home work which Gregory studied with great interest, the other worked at the Trinidad Guardian Newspapers and was an avid reader who brought home magazines such as the Reader's Digest and Life Time Magazine and others which Gregory, a precocious reader himself, devoured. These magazines also had stories about foreign Art and Artists, which held a special interest for Gregory, especially the famous old Masters.

Gregory started to draw cartoons and other pencil drawings at age six and showed an aptitude for art also in primary school. He and another pupil, Lance Lezama, were always in some sort of competition with each other, egged on by other pupils in the school, who compared the art works of the two "early masters".

After only being in Standard II (Primary School) for a short time, Gregory was skipped to Standard III and shortly thereafter he came second in class. His prize was a book by Emily Brontë. When he came home and told his family of this feat, they were so pleased that they gave him money to buy something nice for himself.  With that money Gregory went to Deltex Art Supply shop where he bought a watercolour set. Gregory was well on his way to become the artist he is today.

Gregory is mostly a self taught artist and likes to use different mediums for his works, such as pencil, watercolours, acrylics, oils, pastels and pen and ink. His subjects are also various: portraits, landscapes, still life paintings and abstract.

Gregory Williams has been associated with the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago for many years and more recently has some of his pieces selected to be blown up and printed on vinyl to decorate several Wall Projects around Port of Spain. He also had one of his pieces selected to be printed on a wall of the upcoming Shanghai Expo booth in October 2010.

Gregory’s first major Exhibition was at the National Museum and Art Gallery in 1981 together with Wayne Assing. Over the  years he has shown in many group exhibitions and one solo exhibition at different venues throughout the country.

At the beginning of 2010 Gregory had a successful joint exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery with artist Jane Downer.