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Martin Superville

Martin Superville, born 26th November 1966, recognized his aptitude for drawing at age eight. At age thirteen, he decided to pursue the subject of art and applied to continue in the field for GCE (General Certificate Examination) whilst attending St. Georges College in Barataria, Trinidad. From that time on Martin has continued to build his repertoire by getting involved in Silk Screen Printing, Sign Painting, Costume Design, Stage Sets, Package Design and Store Design.

Self-taught, Martin Superville began painting professionally in 1988. His medium of choice is oils, but he is well versed in charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolours and airbrushing. Martin's paintings include a wide variety of commissioned Portraits, Cricket scenes, Sensational Steelband and Aggressive Trinbago women. Martin Superville has had exhibitions in Washington and Anguilla. Martin's works can be found gracing walls in many countries. He works in oils and paints "everything". He is more into realism tradition. Late 18th century early artists of the world inspire him.