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Shalini is an innovative artist who uses primarily nail polish, indian inks and collage paper as her media of expressing the intensity of colour and the richness of life she absorbs from her surroundings.

Shalini was born in January 1972 in Trinidad. She spent most of her life in Chaguanas living in a more remote setting surrounded by the scenic countryside. This provided a haven for her painting. She is at present a full time artist whose goal in life has always been self-expression through the field of art.

"Whatever form it presented whether it may be through my paintings, leather craft, graphic design or jewellery, I have always associated myself with the idea of being an artist."

Though primarily self-taught, Shalini has also explored graphic design and jewellery design at John S. Technical Institute. She had excelled in the latter and was awarded a President's medal in 1997. During this period she was approached by various publications and freelanced as an illustrator for Caribbean Beat magazine for eight years and has also worked for the local newspapers. She later entered the advertising field where she spent three years in the industry. It was then, she discovered that her heart resided solely in her illustration and painting.

As a painter, Shalini enjoys drawing eccentric characters in geometric form. They are usually portrayed through her contorted heads and intertwined couples theme. Like a love affair, they respond to each other even in sharing an eye. One can see the result of their union on the canvas. The large expanse of colour and decorative patterns such as spirals and swirls suggest her cultural influences which is recognized as an underlying tone in all of her pieces. She also indulges in doing collage on old chattel windows as another medium of expression. This creates a completely new dimension to her work as soft lighting is used to convey the feel of stained-glass.

Colour and line, although they appear to be simplistic in Shalini's work, act as a vehicle through which she is able to manipulate eccentric, geometric forms so as to express a more inward perception of life.

"I believe that in painting, life is given to an idea. My glaring faces, contorted heads and intertwined bodies each convey their own personality even if they are subliminally molded by my experiences. I try to invite if not entice the viewer to become a part of its mystery."