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Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross was born in Trinidad in 1962.

After embarking on a degree in Geology at the University of Western Ontario, Rachel returned to Trinidad.

Her career as a jeweller was completely unplanned.   The idea to make jewellery was suggested to her very understatedly by a dear friend and after giving it some thought, she decided that it sounded an interesting prospect.

In 1983 Rachel apprenticed with a local jeweller where she was taught the fundamentals of the trade.   A year later she held her first solo exhibition out of her home and continued to exhibit almost on an annual basis until 1992.

In 1997 she and fellow jeweller Barbara Jardine formed Alchemy Goldsmiths.   Since the closure of Alchemy in 2009, Rachel has continued working under the label Rachel Ross Jewellery together with longtime fellow jeweller Dexter Brown who has been with her for the last 28 years.
Her work has been shown in many local fashion shows and exhibitions in Trinidad, Canada and the US.   It has also been featured in Draper’s Record, The Express (Trinidad) and Caribbean Beat.

Rachel's jewellery is sold locally at Meiling, Philippa and The Gallery.

Rachel lives and works in Port of Spain, Trinidad.