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Omar Jarra

Omar Jarra was born on August 24th, 1998 in Maiduguri, Nigeria. At the age of 2, Omar migrated to The Gambia where he resided until he was 7 and soon after boarded a plane to Trinidad and Tobago with his father, then a Medical Doctor under the UNDP. Over the years, Omar has built on his already overwhelming passion for the arts, through teaching himself everything he can summon about art, music and acting.

Jarra has always pursued the arts as his main focus and from a very young age has had an interest in making a career for himself in the  industry. His major influences include Michael Jackson, Jean Michel Basquiat and Kanye West. Neo-expressionism is the genre most commonly associated with Jarra’s work as it captures the momentary sensory effect of a scene and brings large waves of emotions to viewers.

Artist statement
"I believe that presence is the purest form of honesty in art, and the easiest way to be honest is by telling our story. My personal life is incorporated in every one of my creations, because every second that I live there is another story to be told and through these stories there are lessons of self-discovery and therapeutic moments that help me grow as an artist and a human being whilst giving the receiver of the art a chance to feel and relate to something that is true.”