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Marcelio Hovell (aka Bobboy)

17.7.1924 - 10 May 2015





Marcelio Hovell, also known as "Bobboy", lived at 155 Paria Main Rd, Montevideo Village, Toco, where he was born on the 17th July 1924 to Ogdeo (Pepito) Lawrence and Mary Hovell, both agricultural workers.

Marcelio's father died when was a young boy and he was raised by his stepmother Veronica La Rose. He attended school in Grande Riviere where his drawing ability was noticed and commended. He later moved to St. Ann's in 1936 with his stepmother.

Having completed his early schooling at the age of fifteen, he proceeded to occupy himself as a sign-painter/decorator.

In 1948, he saw an exhibition of Boscoe Holder at Fernandes Building and he began tentatively to paint. In the 1950s he joined the Trinidad Art Society and attended drawing/painting classes given by Carlisle Chang, Pierre Lelong, and John Harrison of the British Council.

He worked mainly in oils and watercolours and drew in pencil or pen and ink. He professed a love for colours such as lemon, yellow, rose pink, hints of blues, yellows and lilacs.

The Primary School he attended carries one of his masterpieces entitled "Love Ye One Another". He later painted a Crucifixion Image in Montevideo RC Mission, Toco.

Some of his more recent works were 'Heel and Toe' and 'Nesting Leatherback'. Collections are located at The National Museum, University of the West Indies School of Extra Mural Studies, Republic Bank, Hilton Hotel and First Citizens Bank. His work is also displayed abroad in countries such as Italy, UK, Canada, USA and Switzerland. Some other great paintings include 'Greasy Pole', 'Catching Crayfish', 'Baptist Preacher', 'Bongo Wake', 'Wash Day', 'Meat and Chicken Vendor', 'Boating the Turtle', 'Police Raid the Cockfight', 'Roast Corn Vendor', 'Little Ravine' and many more.

(Information courtesy The National Museum, Port of Spain)

Market Vendors, Toco - 1985 - oil on canvas 14 x 20"