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Carlisle Harris

B. 1945
Carlisle Harris received his art training at Howard University and was the Vice-Principal of John S. Donaldson Technical Institute. He was the President of the Trinidad Art Society for many years.He works primarily in acrylic on canvas, but frequently mixes the media using sand, modelling paste and oil based sprays. Carlisle’s work has a definite affinity to spiritual announcements both in their subject matters and in their titles.


I have been working around a central theme for a number of years in an effort to resolve fully my expressions. This theme always related to peoples’ inner strength and their sustained faith. This perforce has involved articulation of interpersonal relationship and the value therein to society. I firmly believe that society suffers without faith, inner strength and good relations.

Entrities of Reason- acrylic


After All is said - acrylic

Rhapsody of Passion I- acrylic


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