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Alexander Guerrero

Venezuelan Contemporary Artist



Alexander Guerrero is a mixed media artist from Venezuela, working and living in Trinidad and Tobago. His work strives to be informal, authentic and peaceful. 

He is a self-taught artist who was inspired by his mother. As a child he used to watch her sew, making his clothes for Christmas and his school uniforms. Now he aims to create art with paint, fabric, thread, canvas, beads, feathers, wire and whatever is needed to bring to fruition the work of art he sees in his mind's eye.

When most people think of abstract art, they tend to think of art that is difficult to understand without an esoteric explanation by a highbrow, big city art critic or created by an angst driven starving artist in a dusty garret. That is not the kind of abstract art Alexander Guerrero likes to create. His original paintings are usually inspired by life experiences, nature or music and are intended to lift the spirit.

Strong composition, visual texture, bold use of colour and trusting his intuition are just some of the elements that he employs in creating works that elicit emotional responses from viewers.  His work at times may be subtle and at other times vibrant and bold, in his art he doesn't worry about “should”; instead his focus is on following his mind, intuition and instincts.

His journey as an artist began in 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago and it has been a world changing one for him. After that he created his social network accounts and began showing his work to the world to this day.
Today, he markets his paintings in art exhibitions and online through his Instagram and Facebook social network pages.

Artist Statement
To create a powerful and moving abstract image is a gratifying experience for any artist in itself but to have that image appreciated by the viewer is an even greater joy.