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Born, Karen Lazzari, June 1949 in San Fernando, Trinidad. Lives with her husband and five children in the scenic Central Range on a lush cocoa estate.

Educated at St Joseph's Convent, San Femando. Completed just one year of a four year course at Ontario College of Art, Toronto.

Virtually self- taught, the artist works in oils. Though her work is representational, she is mainly concerned with shape, negative space and line. The subject being of less importance than the juxtaposition of planes and colour, she focuses on the near and seeks to explain her delight in the curve of a branch, the crook of an arm or the angle of a neck.

Exhibited in joint shows and held one-man shows at 101 Tragarete Rd. in 1996, 1997 & 2001 and September 2005 at 101 Art Gallery, Federation Park


Iron Man

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