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Tyrel De Bique



Tyrel De Bique is a contemporary painter who lives and works in the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Hailing from the depressed community of Maloney Gardens, his paintings pay homage to his community, environment and those that live in similar areas. Tyrel chooses to not focus on the everyday struggles but rather hones in on what makes these communities so vibrant, the people and their language

Landscapes, beach scenes, tropical birds and flowers and musical instruments will never be found in his collections of work as the artist explains, “As there is more to Caribbean tourism than floral shirts and beaches, there is more to Caribbean art.”

A self-trained artist, Tyrel started his creative journey as a tattoo artist based in Trinidad and Tobago. After a stint of touring and living on various Caribbean islands, Tyrel returned home with a passion for painting. He spent a number of years painting along with tattooing until his 2016 solo exhibition (UNApologetic). Since then he has transitioned full time into painting having successfully put on another solo exhibition in 2017 (Looking Glass) and taking part in several group exhibitions. Some of his original artworks and commissions can be found in private collections worldwide including the Caribbean, North America, Australia, Ghana and the United Kingdom.

He is currently laying the groundwork for his 3rd solo exhibition, tentatively titled, Black Suns & Dawtas.

Tyrel De Bique
Men out here looking for it, brethren
multi media
22 x 15"