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Gaby Beston Edwards


Gaby Beston Edwards was born in Venezuela but has lived in Trinidad soon after. She attended St. Monica’s Prep, Holy Name Convent Secondary School and then transitioned in to Maple Leaf International School.

At the age of 16 she left Trinidad to begin her post-secondary schooling - first in England at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, then to St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, to begin her BA, and finally finished her last two years in the great city of New Orleans! Gaby graduated with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Visual Arts.  While in her last year of University Gaby was deciding whether to pursue Psychology as a career path, and it became more and more clear that what she truly wanted was to return to Trinidad to paint. Years later, after living in Trinidad, painting, she was introduced to Yoga, and now balances her life with painting and teaching yoga and is one of the owners of the top yoga studios on the island, Akasha Studio Trinidad. 

Gaby’s painting process begins with taking photographs and working out the compositions on canvas in colour pencils before she begins to paint. Gaby works with oils and chalk pastels for the vibrancy of the colours to capture the luminosity of life in her paintings. Nature holds the most potency for the artist in accessing the essence of life and it is also something that many people can relate to and appreciate immediately. It provides the perfect canvas for her to explore her fascination with vibrant color and the play of light and shadow.

There is an underlying spirituality in Gaby’s work which is the root from which all her art unfolds. She taps in to the subtlety of soul and pure beauty that exists in all things. The essence of truly living in the moment and noticing these subtleties is the challenge that Gaby poses to every viewer - have you noticed just how exquisite sunlight passing through a leaf can be? Can we all be courageous enough to reveal our authentic self in full majesty, and know that we will never be outshone by another just as one flower can never outshine another? There are so many spiritual lessons that we can learn from living in the moment and taking the time to really notice nature that Gaby’s art offers.

From early on Gaby’s work has been featured and recognized on an international basis. In 1997 she participated in a poster competition held by the United Nations and had a piece chosen out of thousands of applicants for both the Regional Caribbean and Global
International competition. She has been featured in a few Caribbean publications and has participated in several group exhibitions such as Women in Art held at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in 2011, and has had several successful solo exhibitions. Over the years several prominent companies have purchased her work such as The Hyatt, and recently she had the honour of displaying her work on the Queen’s Park Oval Wall.

Majesty - oil on canvas