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Mahmoud Pharouk Alladin

B. 11 January 1919
D. 1980

Born in 1919 in Tacarigua, Trinidad, Alladin was one of the leading artists in this country for a great many years, and was well-known internationally in the field of Art and Art Education. He held the post of Director of Culture in the Ministry of Education and Culture for a number of years. He was also a poet, writer and broadcaster. He studied locally for his Teachers' Certificate. Later on the British Council awarded him a Scholarship to Birmingham College of Arts and Crafts and in the United States he obtained the M.A. Degree from Colombia University.

He has taught in Canada and the West Indies and travelled extensively.

Since 1944 his works have been shown in mixed and one-man exhibitions locally, in Britain, Spain, the United Slates, Canada, Sao Paulo and the Caribbean region. He is represented in collections in several countries. He has produced work on diverse commissions and has been the recipient of important prizes and awards for his art and craft products and organizational work. Indeed, one of our most outstanding artists who derived his inspiration from the simple village folk- their joys and sorrows as well as their labours and customs. His subjects include genre scenes as well as experimental, non-objective expression in various media. His paintings were generally of an impressionist style.

Alladin was a gifted poet and writer and produced a series of research papers on local folklore, oral tradition, chants, dances and music. These still remain one of the leading sources for reference material.

Alladin also was a sculptor and proficient in many other crafts.

Alladin was President of the Trinidad Art Society for many years.

Hosay Tadjah | multi media