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Cuban artist Dunieski's new work at 101 Galllery


The 101 Art Gallery in Newtown will be hosting an exhibition of new works by Cuban sculptor, Dunieski.

The formal opening is on Saturday, 28th April, 2018 from 10 am to 2pm.

Dunieski Lora Pileta is a well-known Cuban fine artist and sculptor who now lives on the island of Tobago where he manages the Kimme Museum of Art and Sculpture after the death of German sculptor, Luise Kimme, who had made Tobago her home since the 1970s. It was Luise's wish that he continue the Museum and the work in her spirit.

Dunieski started practising art from an early age and later became a well-known sculptor in Cuba where many of his pieces are on display in buildings such as schools and hospitals. He was given a plot of land by the Taller Cultural in Santiago de Cuba where he built an art workshop that can be used by the local art community and where he taught his craft.

It was there that Luise Kimme worked with him on small bronze sculpture.

Some of his recent works have been influenced by Trinidad and Tobago culture and music.

The majority of the pieces in this exhibition are small bronzes and aluminium sculpture, but the exhibition also features some beautiful neo-impressionistic paintings and wood reliefs.

Dunieski Lora Pileta at work at the Kimme Museum in Tobago. Photo: © Richard Charran