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Wholly Holley’s style

Tuesday, April 4 2017


BRUCE HOLLEY’S paints what he wants to see realised in art and has no expectations that others will share the understanding of his visions.

So said a release about his upcoming exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery which opens on April 8.

A fan of the great works of Turner and Dali, Holley works exclusively in oils on stretched canvas taking inspiration from the best and worst of Trinidadian society and environment.

Traditionally painting only for himself and without exhibiting publicly, his painting style is non-descript, not adhering to any particular set of rules and often influenced by his tumultuous disposition, the release stated..

The collection of artwork from the aptly titled Bruce Holley Art Exhibition is expected to be literally a massive eye-opener, sharing insights that would not and probably should not otherwise be known.

Ambiguous and suggestive, the artworks capture suspended skies, vast horizons, lurid masqueraders and hidden faces.

A visual, and if willing to be questioned by the viewer, also intellectual experience.

This exhibition will run until April 22.