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Erik Feely

26 March - 7 April 2012



The things I read gradually pervade my process and the final product, in this case my art, is the result of an anxious battle between intellectual actions and visceral rejections. For example, Rosenberg’s statement ‘With the rise of conceptual art, the classroom announced its final triumph over the studio’ (American Drawing pp. 247-248) has been a source of great discomfort because I like making things, beautiful things if possible or at least meaningful things. I believe in the studio.

Interestingly, Rosenberg also wrote ‘Not only the artist but everyone "becomes someone else" in becoming someone.’ (Saul Steinberg p. 196). I like the idea of becoming and as such I always push myself along the paths of experimentation. While the subject remains constant the accident can enjoy new experiences.

The present collection of works has as its initial inspiration the opening lines from Dante’s Inferno ‘Midway upon the journey of life I found myself within a forest dark...’.  Dante’s long journey from darkness to light, wherein he faces many dangers and depends on the help of friends, was voted the best work of world literature of the millennium by the Times Literary Supplement. It also struck a personal chord. And so I decided to read it again: many of the works are based on sparks of light in the darkness.

I delight in many external stimuli while painting: the wind and the surrounding sounds all enrich the visual phenomena, either those before me or others stored in my subconscious. Internally, I am conscious of a Classical muse which never abandons. With all this said I hope you enjoy looking for Aquinas affirmed that beauty is, in the last analysis, ‘that which pleases the eye’( Summa Theologica, I, q. 39, a. 8.).

Erik Feely

Nel Mezzo Del Cammin Di Nostra Vita


Festival of Lights - Caroni


The Flood - Caroni



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