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Precious Paintings from Private Collections 2012

Opening:  9 October 2012,  7 - 8.30 pm


Precious Paintings from Private Collections  2012 marks the fourth year of the ever increasingly popular annual exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery; this year being the first year the exhibition takes place at the new location of the 101 Art Gallery: at Holder's Studio in Woodford Street, Newtown, where the works are complemented by the exquisite gallery space.

Art has become more and more a source of good investment and quality works for sale are by Alladinb, Atteck, Boodhoo, Cazabon, Codallo, Chang, Pat and Lisa Chu Foon, Greenidge, glasgow, Boscoe and Geoffrey Holder, Hingwan, Louison, Marcelio, Mosca, Navarro, Rambissoon, Shim et al.

Please contact the gallery for further information: tel. 628 4081   or 468 3477