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101 Art Gallery @ Holder's Studio



Tragarete Road — An art Gallery", then it was "101 Art Gallery" at the Art Society, but from this September on it becomes "101 Art Gallery @ Holder's Studio" on Picton Street, Newtown.

"You're going to scream parking," warned the invitation to the new "101" but, so hope Mark and Dulcie, the new opening hours of Tuesday to Friday, noon to 8 pm; and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm should overcome that difficulty — at least after 5-6 pm, weekdays and on Saturday.

Photographs show the new gallery created from Boscoe Holder's studio is spacious, the lighting showing the paintings off to best effect and the movable dividing walls (on casters) create unusual spaces to display the paintings while comfortable padded benches invite one to linger to appreciate the work.

Newsday wishes Mark and Dulcie well with the move and the opening on Tuesday September 4 with an exhibition of Christian Wainwright's latest works. Photographs give some idea of the ingenious use of space in this new/old art gallery — 101.

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