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Lisa O'Connor

28 September - October 7  2010


The Daily Express Wednesday September 22  2010

O'Connor Records T & T's Beauty in colours

Lisa O'Connor was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1965 and moved with her family to Trinidad in 1977 where she now resides with her husband and three childrenl.  She attended the Art Institute of Boston and the Massachusetts College of Art from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honours) in 1988.  Her medium has been oils on canvas and she paints employing an impasto technique in the impressionist tradition.  She has exhibited widely in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and in the United States. 

Lisa's paintings may be found in the collections of numerous corporate, as well as private, citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.

Lisa O'Connor's style of painting is well known in Trinidad and Tobago.  Her use of thick brushstrokes and lavish application of paint to capture scenes of blooming flora, historic architecture and bright beach scenes has been well received by the art-supporting public at large.  In particular, her spontaneity in capturing the light and excitement of each moment whether in a fading sunset or a brilliant noon day Savannah image has evoked an appreciation among us for the mundane that sometimes eludes one in the fast-paced tempo of modern living. Lisa likes to paint “en plein air” and you can see her painting around the QP Savannah, capturing interesting details of the buildings or the flora. In Tobago she paints the beautiful beaches and flowers, trees and buildings.

Lisa casts an optimistic view on all of her subjects and contributes in her own way to recording Trinidad and Tobago's beauty and heritage on canvas.  Her spontaneity, reflected so exuberantly in her work, is itself an appreciation of the beauty of the natural landscape as well as an admiration for architectural forms of past days that seems to be all too uncommon now.  It is her hope that through her efforts on canvas we may all enjoy a renewed and keener appreciation of our natural and built surroundings.

 Artist’s Statement to this show

“In this collection of work one will see a refreshing development of my painting style following the birth of my daughter Monique just over a year ago.  She is a welcome addition to my two boys, Luc and Nicholas, who now dote on her continually.  For a while after her birth, I had taken a break away from painting and the works on exhibit are the fruits of my more relaxed manner.  After spending some time on the north coast, I was inspired to produce two pieces overlooking the ocean.  On another occasion during a week’s stay in Balandra, I was able to work on some smaller paintings which I tackled aggressively.  The beauty of my surroundings always inspires me and during the 2010 dry season I was able to work on a collection of flora, especially a beautiful yellow poui, which a gardener nearby described to me as being as bright as a light bulb.  A month-long stay in Tobago afforded me the opportunity to have a welcome change of pace and environment which was conducive to a more intense painting ritual.  The pieces from Tobago are alive with the attractive colours and tones that one immediately associates with the island’s natural beauty.”

Lisa O'Connor exhibits at101 Art Gallery, corner St Vincent Avenue and Jamaica Blvd, Federation Park, Port of Spain, exhibition opens on September 29 and closes on on October 7.

For more information on this show you can visit the 101 Art Gallery’s website at http://101artgallery.com


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