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Ralph & Vera Baney

Page 18 NEWSDAY SECTION B Friday August 20, 2010



WORKS OF celebrated Trinidad artists, Ralph and his late wife Vera Baney, return in September for a joint exhibition at 101 Gallery. This will be the first show featuring works by both artists since Vera's passing two years ago. Never has there been an exhibition of works in so many media from just two artists.

Departing from Ralph's signature style of wood sculptures, the show will include Ralph's most recent sculptures that unite stone, clay, glass, and wood. Characterised by unpolished, vigorous tool marks, embedded objects such as glass or rock, or colourful hues of alabaster, these latest works go a step beyond the style for which Ralph has become famous. Each piece confronts the viewer with an unexpected twist.

In addition, Ralph will also exhibit his much anticipated collection of drawings of the nude figure. This show will mark the first exhibition of these works since Ralph returned to drawing the nude form.

Vera's work will include her prints, etchings, wood cuts, collargraphs, and monoprints all of which are in colour. She will also have ceramic sculptures which she did before she had a stroke which left her without the use of her dominant hand. Featured works include pieces from her series "Guardians of a Higher Realm" and "Searchers of the Unknown". In addition, the exhibition will premier works.that Vera executed and completed after the stroke using only one hand.

It is to be noted that both Baneys received Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the University of the West Indies for their creative work as artists.

Ralph Barney's works are in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II, the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a Regent of the University of Maryland, USA. Vera's work is in the collection of Scotia Bank and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Maryland, USA, and Vera has a mosaic mural in the Chapel of Bishop Anstey High School.

This exciting show will be open to the public from September 14 to 24th at the

101 Gallery located at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago Building, corner of Jamaica Blvd and St Vincent Ave, Federation Park, Port-of- Spain. Art lovers and art collectors will not want to miss this show.

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