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Artist Christian Wainwright is a very private person and it has taken a very long time for this exhibition to come to fruition.
He lives and paints "in the bush" in Talparo in a spacious and wonderful house on five acres that he shares with his life-long friend, three dogs and two cats.
This quiet, lush place isn't only good for the soul but is an artist's delight - beauty abounds.
His style of painting is abstract and mostly emotive or visual, either motivated by the surroundings or the mood of the  moment.
Christian was born in Pointe a Pierre in 1947 and at the age of 22 he left for the UK where he lived and worked in the music business for 35 years. He decided to come back home for good in 2002 and return to his first love - painting and "feeling warm". The period of his life that planted the artistic seed for him was his early years at St Peter's School in Pointe a Pierre where he remembers fabulous teachers, excellent and well stocked art rooms and the freedom to do pretty much what he wanted. Even in his teenage years he was in awe of many local artists, especially Carlisle Chang. During this time he attended many art classes and courses run by master artists of the day  like Boodhoo, Baney and M P Alladin.
What started out as a sort of therapy for the "fear of flying",  has grown into his quest to satisfy the soul through his paintings. While painting what he sees is important to him, it is mainly painting  how he feels  that really feeds his soul. The painters who are his greatest influences are Mark Rothko (Russian/American), Patrick Heron (British) and Sally Gabori, a 92 year old Aboriginal Australian.
These artists are all classified as abstract expressionists.
Asked about his thoughts on people who see abstract art and say  "Oh! I could do that!", Christian gives the following statement:
Abstract Art versus Figurative Art : "The same rules that govern the creation of figurative art are one and the same that govern the creation of abstract art:  composition, colour balance, form, light, shade and technique - unless great respect is paid too these rules the results will be meaningless.
The Christian Wainwright first one-man exhibition of 35 paintings will open with a private viewing at the 101 Art Gallery, hosted by Trinidad Art Society in Federation Park on Tuesday 26 October 2010. For further information please call 628-4081

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