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Peter Sheppard

10 - 19 November 2009
In My Little World


Peter Sheppard’s “In my Little World” is a collection of miniature paintings which will be on exhibit at the 101 Art Gallery at the Art Society Building from Tuesday 10th November until 19th November, 2009.

Sheppard has been showing his detailed landscape paintings with the 101 Art Gallery since 1994.  Now showing his 16th Exhibition, Peter has focused on his miniature paintings. These paintings are as small as 1”x2”  and range in size to 4”x6” and are meticulously painted in acrylic.  It was Carlisle Chang, former President of The Trinidad Art Society who first encouraged Peter to show his miniature paintings at the ART BUYERS FAIR at the teachers Training College in Port of Spain where Peter introduced his miniature paintings . In 2009 Sheppard returns to his niche of miniature painting in which he captures the delicate beauty of our beloved Trinidad & Tobago.

In dramatic contrast to his miniature paintings is a very large installation.  It’s the title piece for Sheppard’s 2009 collection. “In my little World”  is a play on words relative to the small works and also describes the source of many of his compositions. Most all of the works are drawn from the artist’s imagination based on his love and passion for the natural beauty of Trinidad & Tobago, its people and its culture. This very large painting is made up of 15 panels each measuring 2’x3’ and, when mounted together, reveals a commanding 15’x 6’ panorama. Sheppard’s signature style is immediately  evident as you are drawn into the landscape. The mountains in the background, the distant savannah, a river leading you in, under a bridge, a village folk walking around all transport you into Sheppard’s World.

In 2008, Peter Sheppard was one of the artists from The Art Society whose work was featured on what is known as The Oval Wall, as well as, in 2009 at the Port of Spain Waterfront Project for the Fifth Summit of The Americas. It was seeing the works at this scale that enabled the artist to break from his traditional sizes to this very large piece. This is Sheppard’s largest painting to-date contrasting with his smallest piece 1”x2” also in this collection.  It is the artist’s intention for this painting to reside in a permanent collection  in a public space.

On the World stage, Miniature Paintings are considered a “Collectors Item”. There are many Miniature Art organizations around the World and Peter was recently made a member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists in the United Kingdom. He will be taking his miniatures to England to participate in their annual International Show in May 2010. On the Hilliard Society’s web-site, Miniature Art is described as follows:
The Art of the Miniature is works of fine art in miniature is a particularly personal object that draws the viewer into an intimate, concentrated little world that is breathtaking in its execution. Every single detail is miniaturized... the scale of the subject matter, the brush strokes; so that only with high magnification can one behold the immaculate details of the artist's technique. The term miniature relates first of all to technique and as an identification and only secondly to the size of a painting. The viewer must view the work at close range to obtain a full appreciation of both the image and technique. This technique is a specialized means of producing a perfect balance of color and detail in a series of thinly applied layers of colors intended to reflect light, showing a high standard of design, and mastery of the chosen media and palette. There is a feeling of preciousness associated with the art form due in part to the fact that it can usually be held in the palm of your hand and displays finely detailed work in brilliant, gem-like colors. [John Thompson (MPSGS) and Peter Waddell]

Also in the collection, the artist plays with textures on a few pieces. His four vendors are each set up in front of a wall of an old building with it paint from the glory days now peeling away and fading.  There is also some work from his “En Plein Air” field trips with The Art Society.

For the past year and a half, Peter has been coordinating field trips for member Artists of the Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago. He felt the need to engage the Society in activities for its membership to enjoy which first began with a Coffee Morning and then emerged into what is now know as “The Plein Air Picassos”. The group is open to artists of all levels who are members of The Art Society, including students. Monthly outings are planned and posted on the Art Society’s web page (http:www.artsocietytt.org)

Peter Sheppard’s 2009 Art Exhibition, “In my little World” will open at 700pm on Tuesday 10th November 2009 at The 101 Art Gallery located in The Art Society’s Headquarters at the corner of Jamaica Boulevard and St. Vincent Avenue in Federation Park (adjacent to the Flying Fish Pool)

All enquiries should be made at The 101 Art Gallery 628-4081 or via email 101arts@tstt.net.tt

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