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Karen de Verteuil

Recent Oil Paintings
13 - 23 October 2009


Karen De Verteuil exhibits at 101 Art Gallery

101  Art Gallery, Federation Park, Port of Spain,  hosts the Exhibition of Recent Oil Paintings by artist Karen de Verteuil.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 13 October 2009 at 7 pm – 8.30 pm and ends on Thursday 22 October 2009.

Karen de Verteuil was born Karen Lazzari in San Fernando, Trinidad. She lives with her husband and five children in the scenic Central Range on a lush cocoa estate.

Karen was educated at St Joseph's Convent, San Femando and Ontario College of Art.

Her father, Dick Lazzari, was a member of the Southern Art Society and so the family was exposed to the arts, particularly the works of Geoffrey & Boscoe Holder, M.P.Alladin and Cicy Forde. Karen got an early start in art when her parents enrolled their children in art classes with Leslie Melton and David Banks.  

After Karen got married and had five children, her busy schedule did not leave much time for art and her art was put aside until she did a workshop with well known artist Isaaiah James Boodhoo.

Other workshops followed with artists Lisa Chu Foon and Sarah Beckett.

Karen is a member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago and, for the past two years, she co-organized and participated in En Plein Air Workshops for artists on her estate and in other parts of the country under the umbrella of the Art Society.

Karen de Verteuil has had solo exhibitions at 101 Art Gallery every two years since 1993.

Artist Statement 
I’ve worked a lot with planes in this show, taking the idea of space to a further dimension.  By focusing on the space between the front, middle and back grounds, I have exploited the feeling of moving in and around the object, taking the viewer into the canvas. I believe, this is another ‘note’ in the ‘octave’ of negative space; a concept that seems to consume me.  This, I hope, has been achieved without compromising the design quality of the work. The show comprises 40 works and includes study drawings pertaining to the completed paintings. The drawings are working studies and were used in studio so, interestingly, exhibit some splashes of spilt (or in my case, flung) paint and thumb tack holes.   

More information about this exhibition can be obtained from 101 Art Gallery’s website http://101artgallery.com

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